1. Indianapolis really blew me away. I can't express how much time and effort Chris Newgent put into, not only making this reading a success, but supporting indie lit through great projects like The Lit Pub, Vouched, Big Car, and countless others. A huge debt of gratitude goes out to him.

2. The crazy ass heat wave was in full force inside the Big Car Service Center. Air conditioner free and surrounded on three sides by huge windows, which let the sun beat in on us as it saw fit. At first the heat was too much, but then everyone was hot and sweating and it became a part of the event that I came to embrace. Being hot and drippy with so many friends and strangers. I think we all embraced it a little.

3. Huge thanks to Layne Ransom and Tyler Gobble for picking me up in Angola, IN. A rather far drive from their current town, Muncie, IN. So I really really appreciate it. I was pretty exhausted so I spent eighty percent of the ride crashed in the back seat, but I really regret that now as they turned out to be two of the coolest mofos I met.

4. Driving to all the Trader Joe's in the entire fucking city before we realized that everyone was at Trader's Mill, not the former. But we eventually arrived and good times were had. I ate someone's cheese sticks because the kitchen was already closed and I was starving, then I drank an overpriced beer and played some tic-tac-toe. I am a t-t-t champion, of course, so why wouldn't I?

5. Waking up to a free breakfast, nice hot tub, and heated indoor pool where I swam a few laps, then resisted the urge to swipe a really nice gold necklace that someone must have left there the night before because the pool was empty other than me. I have nothing against "finders keeprs" I just fear God. Goddam my rural Amish/Presbyterian upbringing. I could have hit the pawn shop and made a few bucks.

6. Realizing that Famous Dave's BBQ was right across the street from my hotel, after I just grabbed a Spicy Italian from Subway. But it was Famous Dave's, a cultural icon and foodie Mecca. So what did I do? Popped in for a few wings and some corn on the cob. I ate one wing, half of my corn, a bite or two of some tasty but not amazing jalepeno mac and cheese, and packed the rest to go and ate it when I got to Chicago later that night. Is it okay to keep food without refrigeration for four hours and then eat it without cooling or heating it. The answer is yes.

7. Uterus.

8. Pretty great blond ale from the local Indianapolis brewery that Chris found to supply the event. I can't remember the name of the brewery, but I'll ask Chris and post a link.

9. The overwhelming amount of people who actually purchased books. Seeing so many books sold at a reading is a rarity nowadays. Which is perfectly understandable, there are so many books and people gotta pay they shit, right? But yeah, Indy really showed some love.

10. Rooming with Jesus Angel Garcia and Steve Himmer and getting to hang with David McNamara. Always good to run into him out on the road. He's a true champion of the small press. Viva Sunnyoutside Press. Good times gentlemen.