10 Bad Ass Things About DOGZPLOT In CHICAGO

1. Always a great time in Chicago at Innertown Pub for Quickies Chicago. Big time thanks to Lindsay Hunter and Mary Hamilton for letting me do the do at Quickies one more time and for allowing me to choose my fellow readers. Hands down my favorite reading series in the country. And of course thanks to all the kick ass readers for coming out. Leah, really, standing me up twice, wtf? I'm giving you 24 more chances, then I'm not asking you to read again for a month or two, minimum.

2. Chicago is such a great literary city and a great city in general. Just being able to go to a place where so many people consistently and whole-heartedly support literature is pretty special. Glad to have so many of the Chicago literati show up and lend their support. Always an excellent crowd, cool ass people, and killer fucking tamales.

3. There is a small possibility that in addition to Innertown Pub's fine beer selection, herbal refreshments were enjoyed by some of the attendees.

4. Getting a chance to hang with the ever elusive Sam Pink. Intense boxing and mixed martial arts discussions took place.

5. I mean, I knew about everyone else because I've been to Chicago quite a few times, but really, I had no idea how fucking cool Kyle Beachy is.

6. A little happy birthday went out to Tim Jones-Yelvington. Very cool of him to come out and share part of his weekend birthday celebration with us.

7. First rate hospitality from Jacon Knabb, Kelly Pearce, and their roomate Frank. Thanks for putting me up both nights I was in the city. It was cool meeting Frank, a fellow Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter guy, and getting the chance to talk nerd gamer talk for awhile.

8. Having lunch the next day with fellow roadie, Jesus Angel Garcia, Superstar Adam Robinson, and his crew from Chicago. Fat Willy's kicks some serious BBQ ass. Smothered BBQ pulled pork, baked 4 cheese mac, goddam.

9. Catching a ride back home with Adam. Pretty great conversation. It's inspiring for me to know that Adam Robinson exists as a human being. One of the few guys I see attend literary events in city after city, often times leaving him with a great distance to travel, even when he isn't the one reading. Who does that? He does. His dedication and commitment to indie literature and literature as a whole is something I strongly admire.

10. Getting whistled off of QUICKIES for the 4th straight time.